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The details of the products or product specifications (for instance weight, color, handwork details, size, etc.) quoted with the product displays are only fairly accurate values. Since most of the products have intricate handwork, there may be slight variation in the pictures displayed and the respective actual products.

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With a view to provide our users/customers latest information and material, www.abhilashasarees.com will make changes in the products or services described on this site from time to time. The prices displayed on website are for Internet orders. Availability and prices of items are cause to undergo change without prior notice. Any prices displayed on www.abhilashasarees.com may not be indicative of the actual selling prices in any particular area. We at reserve the right to limit sales, including the right to prohibit sales to re-sellers. www.abhilashasarees.com is not responsible for any typographical or photographic errors/shortcomings.

Limitation of Liability:
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In case of any doubts user may seek clarifications from www.abhilashasarees.com through Email: info@abhilashasarees.com and should not use any service/place order before he gets a written clarification about the same.

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Abhilashasarees Sarees collect information about you for 2 reasons: firstly, to process your order and second, to provide you with the best possible service. We will not e-mail for the future unless you have given us your consent. We will give you the chance to refuse any marketing email from us or from another trader in the future and we will never collect sensitive information about you without your explicit consent.

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By using abhilashasarees.com, the user has unconditionally accepted the terms and conditions of use as given here under and/or elsewhere in the site.

In order to use the abhilashasarees.com, the user have accepted the following terms and conditions given below. We reserve the right to add, delete, alter or modify these terms and conditions at any time.
  • Our products i.e. Sarees and the images displayed in our catalogues printed and published from time to time herein which are hereby sold contains our original exquisite designs, the ownership rights (Copyright & Design) and it shall not assign any license / or right to any third party to reproduce our designs on textile fabrics and/or to uploaded on e-portals or social media without our written NOC. And any person and/or persons copying and/or morphing and/or altering /or reproduce on textile fabrics including the pattern, theme, concept in any color, in any form, our products and/or images containing our designs /are hereby warned of swift and stringent legal action for Copyright infringement and Design infringement under the Copyright & Design Acts and shall also be liable to face criminal action inter alia for counterfeiting, cheating, forgery, fraud etc.,.and also for offences punishable under Information Technology Act., and all applicable laws for the time being in force.
  • Our products once sold and delivered shall not be taken back and/or exchanged under any circumstances
  • All payments of Invoices to made in full through account payee cheque or draft payable at Surat. No Part or on account payment will be accepted by us.
  • Goods once dispatched for Railway and/or Transport, the Company shall not be responsible in any manner
  • Interest at the rate of 2%per month shall be payable from the due date of payment till actual receipt and/or realization thereof.
  • All cheques/demand draft /pay order shall be made in the name of "ABHILASHASILK MILLS PVT.LTD."PAYABLE AT SURAT
  • Our company shall not be responsible for the consequences/claim for the delivery of any damaged product/s received at your end.
  • Our company shall neither accept any responsibility nor entertain any claim for the sale of the products executed by you on any website/e-portal site/social media sites
  • Any dispute and/or differences arising out of the breach of any of the terms & conditions mentioned hereinabove, our SURAToffice shall initiate appropriate legal action and the Courts of SURAT shall have jurisdiction only.
  • Acknowledgement of the bill/invoices/delivery challan given hereunder will construe and mean unconditional acceptance of terms of our conditions.
  • Acceptance of this purchase invoice shall be construed as deemed acceptance of the aforementioned terms and conditions and shall be binding on the persons, their servants, agents etc.
  • The user may carefully read all the information on products and services as provided in relevant sections.
  • Abhilashasarees.com acts only as a facilitator to facilitate transactions between user and vendors through Abhilashasarees.com. We are not responsible for any loses, expenses, quality of products or services, damages and / or taxes incurred by users in the use of facility.
  • Abhilashasarees.com will not be responsible for any damage suffered by users from use of the services on Abhilashasarees.com. This without limitation includes loss of revenue or data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, missed deliveries, or service interruptions as may occur because of any act / omission of the vendor. This disclaimer of liability also applies to any damages or injury caused by any failure of performance, negligence, defect, deletion, error, omission, interruption, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus, communication line failure, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to, alteration of, or use of record, whether for breach of contract, tortuous behavior, or under any other cause of action.
  • All products are checked, screened and assured by the vendors to ensure that the products are of the standard, quality, design, composition, style or model that they are representative of.
  • The prices and availability of products are subject to change without prior notice at the sole discretion of ABHILASHA SILK MILLS PVT.LTD.
  • Request for cancellations of orders once placed on Abhilashasarees.com shall not be entertained.
  • We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any order placed for a product that is listed at an incorrect price or for any other reason. This shall be regardless of whether the order has been confirmed and/or payment been received. The payment shall be refunded and the user shall be informed of the same.
  • If a non-delivery or late delivery occurs due to a mistake by the user (i.e. wrong or incomplete name or address or recipient not available) any extra cost spent by Abhilashasarees.com for re-delivery shall be claimed from the user placing the order.
  • The User agrees to give accurate, authentic and true information. Abhilashasarees.com reserves the right to confirm and validate the information and other details provided by the user at any point of time. If any such user details are found not to be true wholly or partly, abhilashasarees.com has the right in its sole discretion to reject the registration and debar the user from using the services of abhilashasarees.com and / or other affiliated websites without prior intimation whatsoever. Abhilashasarees.com will not be liable for any type or kind of credit card fraud. The liability to use a card fraudulently will be on the user and the ones to 'prove otherwise' shall be exclusively on the user. The user must exclusively use his/her own card on the site.
  • Abhilashasarees.com shall not be liable for any delay/non-delivery of ordered goods by the vendors (trade organizations, manufacturers / shops etc.), flood, fire, wars, acts of God or any cause that is beyond the control of us.
  • The User certifies that he/she is at least 18 (eighteen) years of age or has the consent of a parent or legal guardian.
  • Abhilashasarees.com shall not entertain any complaints after 15 days, once the order is delivered.
  • If the user has any question, doubts or confusion in regard to any of the terms & conditions set out herein he should seek clarifications from us through email: info@abhilashasarees.com and should wait for a written clarification before using the service.
  • If a non-delivery or late delivery occurs in any case then abhilashasarees.com is not liable to pay / refund any amount more than order value of customer.

If any of the copyrighted image and/or the design of the product displayed on the e-portal herein are copied or morphed or any form of reprography done and making the same available via the internet and/or thereafter the fake/duplicate/replica sarees of the original designs are found to be processed and sold separately and/or in conjunction or with some other mark/name or use of a deceptively similar mark/name/logo containing the original registered designs, the ownership rights which vest in ABHILASHA SILK MILLS PVT.LTD.

under its brand name "Abhilasha" in its logo "A" the person/s found in possession of the copied or morphed image and/or the fake/duplicate/replica sarees shall face legal action for trademark, copyright and design infringement and shall also face "passing off action" under Trademark, Copyright & Design Act in addition to criminal prosecution for offences of piracy, copying, morphing, criminal conspiracy, cheating and fraud.